Bomb explosion in the Church, the High Priest Al-Azhar Interference Pope Criticism

High Priest of Egypt's Al-Azhar Al-Tayeb Ahmed criticized the attitude of Pope Benedict XVI following a car bomb explosion incident in a church in the city of Alexandria on Saturday (1 / 1).

Related to this incident, Pope Benedict XVI called on all world leaders to defend Christians. In the New Year's Mass at the Vatican, the Pope asks world leaders to do concrete and ongoing efforts to protect Christians in the Middle East, which he describes as "a difficult mission."

"With the escalation of tensions and in particular discrimination, arbitrary action and intolerance, especially against Christians on this day, I once again declare loud calls for (the Christians) did not retreat and surrender," said Pope.

Pope's statement that triggered the reaction of Al-Tayeb a judge's call it as a form of the Pope's intervention on Egypt's internal affairs and it is unacceptable.

"I do not agree with the view of the Pope, and I asked why the Pope did not call for protection against the Muslims when they become murder targets in Iraq," al-Tayeb said in a press statement on Sunday (2 / 1).

On that occasion, Al-Tayeb again expressed criticism towards the car bomb explosion incident in the church of Alexandria, which killed 21 people. "Al-Azhar, the highest Sunni Muslim institutions will form a joint committee with the Coptic Church to resolve the dispute between these two religious communities," said Al-Tayeb.

The committee will work for two weeks, to find out the root problems that arise between the Muslim and Coptic Christian communities in Egypt and working to find solutions. Al-Tayeb had a meeting with leaders of the Egyptian Coptic Church Pope Shenouda II at the Cathedral of St.. Mark, Cairo. The meeting was colored by the Coptic Christian community protests. They shouted "We do not want you" to the Al-Tayeb and hit a car carrying al-Tayeb as High Priest of Al-Azhar was leaving a meeting place.

Sectarian conflict between Muslims and Copts in Egypt's Muslim communities sticking this past year. Beginning with the murder of six incidents of Coptic Christians and Muslims against a security guard at a church in southern Egypt. Egyptian officials had tried three Muslim men in the case.

Coptic Christian community is a minority in Egypt, whose numbers include 10 percent of Egypt's 80 million total population. They complain of discrimination and has become the target of attacks
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